VGIF News Flash: Multi-Year Grants

Entrepreneur training program by Center for Women's Awareness and Development in Nepal

Entrepreneur training program by Center for Women’s Awareness and Development in Nepal

The CA Online Branch is a member of the Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund.  In the November issue of the VGIF News Flash, you can read about how the multi-year grants begun in 2010 have made a significant difference in the lives of the grantees who are now in their final year of 3-year grants.

Book Group Reading List 2014/2015

September 25, 2014 –  “The Invention of Wings” by Sue Monk Kidd
November 25, 2014 – ” Love and Treasure” by Ayelet Waldman
January 25, 2015 –  “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr
March 25, 2015 –  “And the Dark Sacred Night” by Julia Glass
May 25, 2015 –  “Americanah” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 

AAUW LAF Express – November 2014

Did You Miss LAF’s Supreme Court Preview Call? You Can Still Listen In!

On October 22, AAUW members across the country joined LAF staff to learn about the most important cases the court will hear this term. Federal courts are sometimes the last, best hope for women who have experienced discrimination in education, employment, or health care. This year, the Supreme Court will consider a number of issues with the potential to significantly affect the rights of women and girls, including a case on interpreting the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and more fallout from the court’s disastrous Hobby Lobby decision.

If you missed the call, you can listen to it at or read a summary of our discussion at We’ll keep you updated on the cases as the court’s term progresses. Look for information about our wrap-up call next summer once the court has issued its decisions.

“Voter Abuse”: reflections on the 2014 ballot

Thought Onliners — especially those who participated in the program on the California Initiatives on the Nov. 4 ballot– would appreciate these comments from a new citizen and voter. You might have heard it on KQED’s Perspectives. It’s short, and she makes some excellent points.

She mentions that the ballot cost 91 cents to mail, yet there was no notation on the envelope about this.  I didn’t realize this and my husband and I mailed ours without extra postage.  I WONDER HOW MANY BALLOTS WERE THROWN AWAY because they didn’t carry enough postage.


Book Group News – November 2014

Our next book is “Love and Treasure ” by Ayelet Waldman.  This is a historical novel, taking us to WWII Hungary and the story of a train with a special treasure: GOLD. It poses hard questions about the value of precious things in a time when life itself has no value, and about the slenderest of chains that can bind us to the griefs and passions of the past. (summary thanks to GoodReads)

Our discussion will begin on November 25.

Online Branch Program-CA Initiatives

1its my vote

AAUW CA has taken positions on four of the six initiatives that are on the California ballot this November.  The Online branch is conducting a program listserv discussion this week to learn more about these initiatives and AAUW’s position on them.  To read more about them prior to the program, visit the Public Policy page of the AAUW CA website (scroll down to the “Ballot Measures” heading). The program summary is now available at Oct. 2014 Program-CA Initiatives. There are many links in this document. Be sure to download it to your computer so the links work easily.

Donate Now to AAUW Funds

aauw-funds-120732415AAUW’s mission is to advance equity for all women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.  So every fall our branch holds a fundraising drive to target our philanthropic efforts to serve that mission.  Make your tax deductible donation to AAUW Funds, either giving to wherever the support is most needed, or to the fund(s) you particularly wish to champion.   There is a helpful chart explaining the various funds within the family of AAUW Funds, and the stellar work AAUW accomplishes for women and girls through those funds.

Anyone may make a tax deductible donation, not just AAUW members!  online-giving-139499749But if you are an AAUW member, have your membership ID number handy when using this donation page on the AAUW website.  Or members may simply login to the Member Services Database and make your donation there (look for “Individual Donations” in the left column once you’ve entered the MSD).

The CA Online Board encourages its members to consider designating donations to the incomplete CA endowments closest to completion, which you’ll find in the drop-down choices under Fellowships and Grants.  They are (in order of closest to completion):


  • Lindsey, Lucy/Margaret Hankle #4078 (Hayward-Castro Valley)
  • Gloria Taylor & Judy Pfeil R&P Grant #4360 (Berkeley)
  • Sunnyvale-Cupertino 50th Anniversary #4364
  • Vicki Lee DeMasi #4356 (Marin)


  • Coe, Vivian Lamont #4046 (West Contra Costa)
  • Ellis, Jessie & Wilder #4100

Not Enough Change – Gender Wage Gap

NotEnoughChangeThe newly released U.S. Census report shows that the gender wage gap has barely budged.  According to AAUW’s news release,  the median earnings of women working full time in the U.S. in 2013 were just 78 percent of men’s earnings — compared to 77 percent in 2012.  For minority women, the gap is even wider.

AAUW has been a strong advocate of the Paycheck Fairness Act to address this pervasive and persistent wage equity issue, but the U.S. Senate once again blocked it from coming up for a vote, so our work on this legislation is not done.  If you haven’t already done so, use AAUW’s Action Alert system to contact your legislators to keep this legislation and issue front and center.

UPDATE since originally published:  Look at AAUW’s detailed breakdown of the current wage gap figures, including an analysis of race and geography factors.

AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund Supports Sex Discrimination Suit against University of Tennessee

reprinted from Mission & Action, AAUW’s e-newsletter

August 12, 2014

Former athletic department professionals allege unequal pay practices and retaliation:

The American Association of University Women Legal Advocacy Fund announced today that it will provide support to the plaintiffs in Moshak v. University of Tennessee, a case that underscores the everyday nature of gender discrimination in college athletics.

The lawsuit was filed in 2012 by Jennifer Moshak, Heather Mason, and Collin Schlosser, former employees of the University of Tennessee’s women’s athletics department. The plaintiffs allege sex discrimination and unlawful retaliation under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and the Equal Pay Act of 1963. They claim they were unlawfully discriminated against and eventually forced out of their positions during a university-led merger of the men’s and women’s athletic departments.

Schlosser and Mason argue in part that they were fired by UT after making internal complaints alleging unequal pay between the men’s and women’s athletic departments. Moshak claims she was forced to retire after being demoted and marginalized. The plaintiffs also say that during the merger, which was led by newly hired Athletic Director Dave Hart, the vast majority — 86 percent — of positions terminated either were held by women or were associated with the women’s athletic department.

“This case is an opportunity to grapple with some of the gender gaps still at play in university athletics,” said AAUW Executive Director and CEO Linda D. Hallman, CAE. “We are proud to stand with these plaintiffs in their fight for fairness. Their claims shine a light on why AAUW does this type of work, day in and day out.”

The case is currently scheduled to go to trial in June 2015 in the U.S. District Court for Eastern Tennessee.

“The University of Tennessee and its Athletic Director Dave Hart engaged in blatantly discriminatory and retaliatory actions against accomplished employees in the women’s athletic department, in violation of Title IX and other federal laws,” said the plaintiffs’ attorney, Lisa Banks, of Katz, Marshall, and Banks, a civil rights law firm in Washington, D.C. “Gender discrimination is unfortunately a situation that is all too common in collegiate athletic departments across the country today, and we intend to use all the tools at our disposal to hold the university accountable and to shed light on this pervasive problem.”

The AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund has been crucial to the success of many gender discrimination cases during its 33-year history. The case support program provides financial and organizational backing for plaintiffs challenging gender discrimination in education and the workplace. The funds come directly from the generous contributions of AAUW members.

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