Due Diligence for CA Ballot Propositions

Of all the propositions proposed for the CA ballot this November, the AAUW CA Public Policy committee has taken positions on 5 that are directly related to our mission and public policy priorities. 

It is very important that AAUW members understand the state positions.  Each of us needs to review the propositions and positions presented.  While we might “agree in concept” with the general idea of a proposition, the committee did more in depth study and came to consensus looking at a wider range of implications for some of the measures. 

One that may cause some consternation amongst members is Prop 35 on Human Trafficking.   It is very complex as is the entire process of ballot initiatives.  Sometimes the description of the ballot initiative can be misleading, but this is all the voters actually read, so it seems worth supporting.  Other times we find that by reading the entire measure, some contradictions appear and some of the finer details disclose onerous requirements that are not disclosed to the public unless they actually read the entire measure (think Proposition 13!).   While we don’t all have the time or inclination to do such a thorough undertaking, we can rest assured that our state Public Policy committee has done that and come to a consensus for its AAUW CA position.    That’s our first line of due diligence.  The second is taking a moment to be fully informed by reading the committee positions and rationale.  That’s our personal due diligence and that is how we make informed choices.  Our voices and votes are best heard in this manner!